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Hans Zimmer

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Hans Zimmer is recognized as one of Hollywood's most innovative musical talent. He is a legendary person who had given many beautiful soundtracks.Since the 1980s, he has composed music for over 150 films. His works include The Lion King, for which he won Academy Award for Best Original Score in 1995, the Pirates of the Caribbean series, The Thin Red LineGladiatorThe Last SamuraiThe Dark Knight TrilogyInception, and InterstellarZimmer was born in Frankfurt am Main.He has received four Grammy Awards, three Classical BRIT Awards, two Golden Globes, and an Academy Award

 think he is one of the most talented musician nowadays. He is my favorite composer in Hollywood and i think he's a legend already. There will be some great tracks of his that won’t make this list – it’s inevitable. I will put only my favourites 

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Demain tout commence

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Today I would like to tell you a liitle bit about the film which I've seen recently. Demain tout commence is a 2016 French comedy-drama film directed by Hugo Gélin. This is a direct remake of the 2013 Spanish-language dramedy Instructions Not Included.

The main character-Samuel parties hard in the Marseille  and is awoken one morning by a woman carrying a baby she claims is his. She drives off leaving him with a wailing infant, he gives chase to London where he finds work and raises Gloria by himself. But unexpectedly after 8 years, mother of Gloria comes back.

Maybe the plot summary doesn't sound surprising and original but after watching this you will feel surpised, I'm sure :) It is just a well-told story and I really  recommend it. Also because of French humor in films, for me it's one of the best.


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Trainspotting is definitely one of my favourite movie. It is a British black comedy drama film directed by Danny Boyle. It is based on the novel of the same name by Irvine Welsh, the film was released in the United Kingdom on 23 February 1996. 
Trainspotting follows a group of heroin addicts in the late 1980s in an economically-depressed area of Edinburgh, Scotland, and follows the passage of their lives. 
The film is a black comedy,-hilarious, tragic, surreal and brutal at the same time.It is stylish, funny, depressing. Trainspotting is just a remarkable film which you will remember for a long time.

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For me Norway is one of the most unique and beautiful country in the world.  It’s home to more natural wonders than we can count and it has stunning cities, fascinating history and really amazing people.Northern Lights and fjords are absolutely stunning. 

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But I want to focus on one particular place- Trolltunga. It is a one of the most recognizable place in Norway and one of the most spectacular scenic cliffs  Trolltunga is situated about 1100 meters above sea level. 

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Thousands of tourists visit Trolltunga during the four summer months. But in fact, it  is a relatively challenging day-hike because it's 12 km each way.Surely it is not a walk in the park, the walk can takes almost 8 hours. So it' a quite big challlenge!
 It also has been named the "most stunning place in the world to take selfie" and I'm totally agree with this because the view is breathtaking.:)However, it is important to be aware of safety. This is because the weather conditions there can change very quickly.

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The one with Narcos

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It is known that the best time to start watching a new series is this time before all this exams, at the end of semestr. It's a time when I should be organised and learn a lot. But in fact, I'm starting then to be curious of all things, execpt my studies. So I started watching "Narcos" and definitely I do not regret this decision (sorry my studies!). "Narcos" is a chronicled look at the criminal exploits of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. It tells the true-life story of the growth and spread of cocaine drug cartels across the globe. This one of the best show I've seen recenlty. Im totally in love with latin American culture so "Narcos" is definitely for me. It's a american production but the climate is very different than in the American series which we see everywhere. The music is also worthy of attention. Im not only do I recommend this series, but I also suggest reading up on the real story of Escobar because it's really interesting! Podobny obraz

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How to travel?

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Almost everyone I know says "I love travelling". People around me claim that they love to see new places and discover the beauty, food and people of different parts of world. But in fact, most of them do nothing. They always have some excuses: "I don't have money", "I dont have time", "The weather is bad" etc.
But travelling is easier- all you have to do is want it. You dont need to be super rich to travel. You just need to be clever :) There are a lot of options for cheap travelling. First, remember to check cheap flights with  last minute flight deals. Secondly, when you'are abroad you can use "Couchsurfing" or similar sites and you won't be able to pay for your accommodation. I use both of this option and it's really cool because i can travel a lot! :)

I also want to share with you this video which I found recently. I think this guy is totally crazy but he is the best example that you can travel around world with almost no money :) 

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Accents of English

The way English is spoken can be very different across the countries and even for native speakers UK accents and slang hard can be hard to understand. In most cases, we learn to british or american accent. But when we meet Irishman or Scotish, we feel surprised.
My favourite accent is Cockney-  cockney English refers to the accent or dialect of English traditionally spoken by working-class  in London. 

And of course Scottish accent. Firstly, i've heard it in the film "Transportting" and i;ve fallen in love with Scottish Engilsh. The Scottish accent is a fun, but difficult accent to do properly. You need to be focused to understand everything.

These two accents are my favourite but of course there are many more. I've found a quite interesting video which includes most of accents