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So today I would like to tell you about the... stairs. More precisely, the most beautiful steps around the world. For most of the people stairs are really simple thing, we use them everyday. But I would like to show you photos that will make you change your mind. 

Bejrut, Liban

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Rio de Janeiro 
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San Francisco
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Morlaix, France

Seoul, South Korea

Philadelphia Museum of Art




I think they are really extraordinary and they make the city look magical. These stairs are good example of street art. Streets artist made a art and decorated something that most of us considers as uninteresting and boring. It really shows that we can embellish ou daliy life by simple things. 

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For me Shameless is definitely one of the best TV series ever. It's a comedy and drama in the same time with lots of dark  black humor. I was under the impression when I saw the first episode. 
It tells a story about  Gallagher family. Very non-typical family. Dad's a drunk, Mom left family long  time ago, the oldest daughter Fiona tries to hold the family together. The oldest son Philip  is sex addict and alcoholic Middle son Ian is gay. Youngest daughter Debbie is stealing money from her UNICEF.Carl is a sociopath  and the youngest  Liam is black, but nobody know why :) 

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I like Shameless because it is very different from other American series. Its very funny and unique. I can highly recommend it! 

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Júzcar is a village of the... smurfs. It is located in the beautiful, scenic Valle del Genal in the Serrania de Ronda.Júzcar is a town and municipality in the province of Málaga, part of the autonomous community of Andalusia in southern Spain. All the buildings there are blue!It is  the first ever ´smurf town´ in the world, since June 2011.
The town had been one of the White Towns of Andalusia but after buildings in the town (including the church and gravestones) were painted smurf-blue by Sony Pictures to celebrate the premiere of the Smurfs movie.
I think is looks amazing and breathtaking. 

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But there are more "blue towns", for example (more famous than Júzcar I think) Chefchaouen  in northwest Morocco.
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I think I should really consider these places when I will be planning my holiday :D

Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie is one of Hollywood's leading actresses, known for movies like 'Salt' and 'Maleficent' as much as she is for her relationship with actor Brad Pitt. And today is her birthday so I decided to make a post about her :)
Angelina Jolie Voight was born in Los Angeles and she began acting at a young age. Her first famous film was Gia and Jolie won a best actress Golden Globe for the role.
Her another great dramatic role was in Girl, Interrupted. After she continued to take on a variety of interesting roles, such as an adventurer in the Lara Croft films or Mr. and Mrs. Smith. 
In 2011 Jolie made her directorial and screenwriting debut with the Bosnian-language In the Land of Blood and Honey.
For me, Angelina is one of the most beautiful woman alive with a such a big heart. He  has become prominently involved in international charity projects.
My favourite films with Angelina are Girl, Interrupted. and Maleficent, I can watch them a thousand times!
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Undiscovered Italy

I love Italy. I love Rome and Naples. But I hate crowded places. So I've decided to dicover Italy in less popular way. I've found few places and they definitely will be my soon destination :) 


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Pisciotta is a town and comune of the province of Salerno, in the region of Campania

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Bergamo is a city in Lombardy  about 40 km (25 mi) northeast of Milan and 30 km from the lakes Como and IseoWith a population of around 120,000, Bergamo is the fourth-largest city in Lombardy. 

Porto Venere
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Porto Venere is a town located on the Ligurian coast of Italy in the province of La Spezia. It comprises the three villages of Fezzano, Le Grazie and Porto Venere, and the three islands of PalmariaTino and Tinetto

So which one would you choose? 

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Hans Zimmer

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Hans Zimmer is recognized as one of Hollywood's most innovative musical talent. He is a legendary person who had given many beautiful soundtracks.Since the 1980s, he has composed music for over 150 films. His works include The Lion King, for which he won Academy Award for Best Original Score in 1995, the Pirates of the Caribbean series, The Thin Red LineGladiatorThe Last SamuraiThe Dark Knight TrilogyInception, and InterstellarZimmer was born in Frankfurt am Main.He has received four Grammy Awards, three Classical BRIT Awards, two Golden Globes, and an Academy Award

 think he is one of the most talented musician nowadays. He is my favorite composer in Hollywood and i think he's a legend already. There will be some great tracks of his that won’t make this list – it’s inevitable. I will put only my favourites 

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Demain tout commence

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Today I would like to tell you a liitle bit about the film which I've seen recently. Demain tout commence is a 2016 French comedy-drama film directed by Hugo Gélin. This is a direct remake of the 2013 Spanish-language dramedy Instructions Not Included.

The main character-Samuel parties hard in the Marseille  and is awoken one morning by a woman carrying a baby she claims is his. She drives off leaving him with a wailing infant, he gives chase to London where he finds work and raises Gloria by himself. But unexpectedly after 8 years, mother of Gloria comes back.

Maybe the plot summary doesn't sound surprising and original but after watching this you will feel surpised, I'm sure :) It is just a well-told story and I really  recommend it. Also because of French humor in films, for me it's one of the best.