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Sigur Rós

There are many reasons why Iceland is incredible: views are stunning and you can feel like you’re on another planet and also  Iceland is the fourth happiest country in the world. I could write a thousand posts but today I would like tell just about Icelandic band- Sigur Rós.
Sigur Rós means 'rose of victory'. They play experimental rock and they ormed in Reykjavík in 1994. There are three member of the band: Jón Birgisson– lead vocals, guitars; Georg  Hólm– bass guitar, keyboards and Orri Páll Dýrason–drums, percussion.

Since 1997 they have released 7 albums and 9 videos. 

For me, their music is so magical and delightful. When I'm listening Sigur Rós I can't even understand one word because they don't singing in English and the Icelandic language is quite specific :) But because of that band is more unique, you can't mistake them.
One one more thing, the vocal of Jón Birgisson- known for ethereal sound. I'm so impressed every time I'm listening to his voice…


So today I would like to tell you about the... stairs. More precisely, the most beautiful steps around the world. For most of the people stairs are really simple thing, we use them everyday. But I would like to show you photos that will make you change your mind. 

Bejrut, Liban

Rio de Janeiro 
San Francisco
Morlaix, France
Seoul, South Korea
Philadelphia Museum of Art
I think they are really extraordinary and they make the city look magical. These stairs are good example of street art. Streets artist made a art and decorated something that most of us considers as uninteresting and boring. It really shows that we can embellish ou daliy life by simple things.